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  • Jimmy Flick - Glide's Newest Athlete

    Jimmy Flick - Glide's Newest Athlete

    Aaron Gore and I decided to started a sock company back in January. Yes you read that right.. socks. With my office job and dress code, designer socks were the only things I could really step out of the norm with. I had spent entirely too much money on socks, asked for them for Christmas, birthdays, etc.. but I never quite got my fix. I was tired of over-paying for socks I wasn't in love with. And for something most of us wear every day, we should love them. So with me an accountant and Aaron a graphic designer by hobby we figured we had all we needed in house to make this happen. After 8 months, a lot of hard work and some imagination it has all come to fruition. Ladies and Gentleman.... for the first time and hopefully not the last time I present to you... (.com was way too expensive lol)
    We are extremely excited right now as the website launched officially yesterday. I am not asking any of you to purchase anything (I would give them away at cost but Aaron won't let me) but if you love socks like we do and want to snag a pair, we sincerely appreciate any and all support. Currently we are running pre-orders with an estimated shipping date around mid to late September.
    Making people wait is the worst, so to make up for it we are offering a 40% discount for a short time.
    Sign up or use Code: Glide40 for 40% off!
    Word of mouth is the cheapest advertising so to keep our prices down (and better than our competitors), please share this post if you can!
    Thank you all so much for anything and everything. We look forward to representing and giving back to the 757, Hampton Roads area as best we can. If there are any difficulties, feedback or business/collaboration inquiries please reach out to me! My email is and my number is 757-768-7604. Have a great weekend!!